Huffington Post: Expose on the Lorax House!

     We feel very humbled to have the Huffington Post pick up our small development.  We believe strongly as Dan Gilbert says, “Do well by Doing good” which is why we took on such a laborious and intense project.  Its amazing to think about the condition this project was in less than a year ago when our construction firm took hold of this derelict piece of real estate.  A lot of folks questioned our sanity and our strategic move to shift away from the safety of our suburban investments and focus our attention on the city of Detroit.  While the romantic in us wants to say that we did it for the beauty and the allure, the reality is that Detroit poses a tremendous opportunity for those who are bold enough to embark on the journey.  

I have seen this city go from empty and dead in 2008 when we first started studying this market to thriving and happening within a few short years.  The work that everyone cumulative has done in this market truly is a sight to behold.  Now that the winter that is finally upon us it will be incredibly exciting seeing cranes, loaders and concrete trucks finally moving.  The light rail line and the New Stadium district, two major infrastructure projects, will breathe a heavy push this year towards continued prosperity.  We are thankful to be a part of this transformational movement.


Check out the Huffinton Post article here!

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