New International Bridge Faces Roadblocks


What do you call a new international bridge span fully paid for by Canadians in Detroit?  An opportunity for U.S. Bureaucracy that’s what.  Arguably, one of the most viable and lucrative projects for revenue in America, the bridge spans toll plaza funding on the American side seems to lack current federal funding.  The Canadians have pledged to not only build their own plaza but also the entire bridge span!  What’s there to think about? Detroit is one of the busiest border crossings in the US and borders Canada, our largest trading partner.  This means that there are billions of goods flowing through this entry point every year and there is a major bottleneck. Increased trade velocity equals higher revenue which equals higher taxes which equals higher jobs which equal higher taxes which equals more local spending which equals more taxes etc!  This is a terrific project for the city of Detroit and the region.  Its not a matter of if this is going to happen but a matter of when; maybe Canada should just volunteer to pay for our side as well.

Click here to read about bureaucracy at its finest: Brought to you by the US Government

Click here for full article about the demolition beginning this year: brought to you by Canada

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